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Build Credit History by Paying Your Rent.

3 Steps to better credit

  • renters

    Enroll by giving us some basic information about your rental.
  • rentreporters

    Supplies your rental payment data for credit bureau upload.
  • credit bureaus

    Update your credit report with your rental payment history.

Finally! We build our credit for paying rent.

How it works video

Additional Member Services

  • idlockdown

    Know your exposure to Identity and Bank Fraud. Monitor in real time your ID Risk Score and details as our system returns real time results from monitoring your personal, banking and contact information on an hour by hour basis in 1000's of public systems.
  • payment verification is the only online rent payment reporting service that can verify previous rental payment history at your current address on day one of service.
  • Certified Credit History

    Get credit history for your previous payments! can certify your previous rental payments, and provide you with a payment report to be use as a credit reference.
  • Credit Monitoring

    Receive instant updates via email and text as changes to your credit report appear throughout the month. No more guessing your credit score, get monthly credit score updates with our credit bureau monitoring from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

cost of service

The credit bureau reporting account is absolutely FREE to set up and use.
As a credit bureau requirement for accurate rental history payment reporting, members must use one of our automated RentPay systems.

  • Credit / Debit Card

    2.95% Per Transaction

    $3.95 Per Transaction