RentReporters Works with Any Renter or Landlord for Rental Payment Reporting
It couldn't be easier! When you join, we do all the work by electronically collecting residents' rental payment information every month and upload that activity to the credit bureaus.

It's automatic, flexible and hassle-free for both renter and landlord!

How It Works

No worries! We know you don't want us to bother anyone.
Rent Reporters validates your rent payments using our completely automated processing system.
Then we provide you with an ongoing monthly reporting service to the bureaus.
Our Service allows our members to influence their credit reports by getting credit for making their monthly rent payment.

The Process

How It Works for Renters

  • 1.Sign up.
  • 2.Answer some questions about your rent.
  • 3.Your done.

How It Works for Landlords

  • 1.Set up an account.
  • 2.Don't change anything you are doing.
  • 3.Get the benefits.

Is It Right for Me?

If any of the following describes you as a renter or landlord and the things you want to do and accomplish, then is the right solution for you!


  • 1.I pay rent on time.
  • 2.I want to build and improve my credit.
  • 3.I have rented at the same place for a while.
  • 4.I have a roommate who I share in the monthly rent payments.
  • 5.I want my credit report to include my rental payments.
  • 6.I need to establish individual credit (students, divorcees, foreign nationals, etc.).
  • 7.I want to help get credit for a son or daughter who is currently a student in University/College housing.
  • 8.I want to buy a house in the future.
  • 9.I want to improve my access to other services that require a credit check (like telephone service, credit cards, auto loans, apartment rental applications).


  • 1.I manage one or more residential rental properties in the United States.
  • 2.I have a rental or lease agreement with my residents who pay monthly rent.
  • 3.I want to improve my monthly rent roll.
  • 4.I want to control my risk.
  • 5.I want to differentiate my property/properties from other rental properties.
  • 6.I want to reward residents who make on time rental payments.
  • 7.I want to encourage residents to make on time rental payments.
  • 8.I want to attract and keep responsible renters.
  • 9.I want to help my residents build their credit history.

Why Landlords Like It

Landlords clearly understand the value of A resident whose rental payment activity is reported to the credit bureaus is one who is likely intent on paying the rent on time. This responsible resident is ideal for landlords and property managers.

  • -Tenant rental payment reporting demonstrates he/she is (or will be) a good resident.
  • -Landlords can be pro-active and offer as a way to help their residents prepare for the future.
  • -Landlords can better evaluate prospective residents when the consumers' credit files accurately reflect their history of paying rent to others.
  • -The process of evaluating prospective new residents is dramatically streamlined ' eliminating the need for landlords and property managers to purchase other third party services to verify tenant rent paying history.

Why Credit Bureaus Like It

Credit Bureaus are in the business of collecting consumer financial data and making that data available to people who evaluate consumers for loans, insurance policies, employment hiring, rental applications, etc. They appreciate the role plays in making credit files more accurate and complete.

  • -A resident's history of paying rent, not routinely included in his/her credit file, is one of the most powerful indicators as to how he/she pays bills and manages their credit.
  • -Having continuous on time rental payment data on a resident's credit profile more accurately describes the resident's payment history.
  • -The more accurate a resident's information is on his/her credit profile, the more valuable the resident's credit file is to the credit bureaus.
  • -The more valuable a resident's credit profile is to the credit bureaus, the more accurate the credit-granting institutions can be in assessing the credit worthiness of that resident.

Why Creditors & Banks Like It

Banks and other credit-granting institutions rely heavily on consumers credit reports and credit scores in order to properly underwrite loan applications. They appreciate's service in bringing rental payment data to the credit bureaus attention so consumer credit reports reflect a more accurate consumer payment history.

  • -The addition of rent data on credit reports lets banks and other credit institutions better establish the risk factor while underwriting that application.
  • -Banks and other credit institutions appreciate that consumers who take steps to include rental data in their credit files are more responsible and, therefore, represent a more manageable risk.
  • -Since a rent payment is likely the largest recurring monthly obligation a renter has, the exclusion of it on a credit report does not fully reveal a person's credit worthiness. Having the historic rental data routinely included in the credit file helps creditors make decisions more efficiently and quickly.