Are You Ready to Buy Your Dream Home?

Are you ready to buy your dream home? If so, then you’re probably shopping around for a home mortgage, and that means you need to look at your credit score to get the best deal.

To receive approval on a home mortgage, you don’t need to have a “perfect” credit score – but the higher your score, the more likely you’ll receive better terms on your loan.

Here are 3 things you need to do NOW to start improving your credit score:

  • Keep your credit utilization below 30%
  • Don’t open new credit accounts if you don’t need to
  • Pay all your bills on time, every month

And if you’re a renter, did you know that your rent payments can help improve your credit score? So, how to report rent payments to credit bureaus? You can sign up for rent reporting services like RentReporters.

Rent reporting services like RentReporters can help you get there by reporting your monthly rent payments to TransUnion. For more information on RentReporters, visit here.

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