#BOOSTCREDIT Talks: My Credit Life

Knowing your credit score is one of the first steps toward building better credit history. But what does your score mean? In this session we’ll paint you a picture of what each credit range means (e.g. bad, fair, good, excellent), why you might not even have a score, and how this will affect financial options—Read More

#BOOSTCREDIT Talks: Credit 101: What Is Credit?

Credit doesn’t have to be scary. In this #BOOSTCREDIT Talk, we break down the basics of credit so that you have a solid foundation of knowledge to start your journey. Topics: – How am I being scored? – Where can I find out what my credit score is? – What’s the definition of an NCRA—Read More

#BOOSTCREDIT Talks: Credit Repair vs. RentReporters

In this #BOOSTCREDIT Talk, we dispel common misconceptions about the RentReporters service and how we are NOT a credit repair agency. You’ll also learn more about why you should be wary of credit repair schemes and how RentReporters differs. Chat with us in real-time on Facebook Live or use the the #boostcredit hashtag on Twitter—Read More

#BOOSTCREDIT Talks: Factors That Can Affect Your Credit Score

Are you new to credit and don’t know where to start? In this #BOOSTCREDIT Talk, our team will discuss basic credit information and how your financial choices influence your credit score. Webinar overview: 1. Average Age of Open Credit Lines 2. Number of Derogatory Marks 3. % of on Time Payments 4. Total Number and—Read More