College Students, The Time is NOW to Build Your Credit Score

According to a U.S. News nationwide survey of college students, 44% of respondents were not taught about the importance of credit usage by their parents or teachers, and nearly one-third did not know what their credit score is. And as many of these young adults will soon realize, their credit score is important. Credit follows—Read More

College and Credit Consequences of Student Debt

You’re in college to get that degree to get that dream job. And like millions of Americans, you probably had to get a student loan to help pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. That means when you graduate, you’ll have student debt. Unfortunately, student debt is having long-term effects on the daily lives of—Read More

College and Credit 3 Things That Can Ruin Your Credit

While you’re in college, start doing your homework and learn the importance of credit. Why? Because credit follows you your whole life and is what enables you to get what you need, like a cell phone plan, utilities and credit cards. 3 things that can ruin your credit: 1 – Late Payments Your payment history—Read More