Rental Assistance Programs By State

Since the beginning of the pandemic, renters have been protected from eviction and not required to pay rent if they can prove financial hardships due to COVID-19. However, the rent payments are not forgiven entirely. They are in a forbearance program which means the rent must be paid back at a later date. A number—Read More

In Times Like These, a Good Credit Score is Essential

While the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic has taken a toll on people and families across the country, we are beginning to turn the corner. More and more people are getting vaccinated, businesses are re-opening, and the number of new cases continues to decline. We may find ourselves getting somewhat back to normal soon.

A Look Back: Our Most Popular Posts in 2020

The new year is upon us, and presents a perfect opportunity to make plans to get our financial house in order. As always, we will continue to post write-ups on our blog that include useful information and tips to help you meet financial goals, improve your credit, and achieve other personal milestones. As we begin—Read More

How To Pay The Rent When Money Is Tight

As the job losses and economic fallout from the pandemic continue to cause financial distress for millions of Americans, people are worried about how they will pay the rent and other expenses. In our last webinar — which featured guests from TransUnion and American Consumer Credit Counseling — we discussed a number of steps you can—Read More