Customer Spotlight – Terry Sacia

Terry Sacia: “By having my rental payment history reported to the credit bureaus, I gained a much needed new tradeline to my report”  This is part of a series of posts that share the personal stories of some RentReporters customers that have benefited from our service. If you’d like to share your story — and—Read More

Faces of RentReporters: David Sawyer

David Sawyer, Contractor Why I Joined RentReporters: My wife Teresa had surgery, which then led to more health issues and many medical bills. It almost destroyed us financially, as we had to sell everything to pay our bills and make ends meet. We even came close to losing our house. We had a lease with an—Read More

Faces of RentReporters: Jonathan Weary

Jonathan Weary, Entrepreneur Why I Joined RentReporters: My credit score was low – in the 400 and 500 range – and it just kept going down because of all the credit inquiries. So, I decided to try to build my score by using a credit repair service, but I didn’t get any positive results with them.—Read More