By reporting rent payments to credit bureaus, we help landlords find their best tenants

To effectively manage your property, you need access to the best possible tenants – those who are reliable
and fiscally responsible.

A big part of the definition of “best” is a potential tenant’s credit score. If a renter’s past history of on-time rental payments is not included in their traditional credit report, how can you ever know who is really right for you?

RentReporters’ Services Helps Landlords More Accurately Evaluate Tenants by Reporting Rent Payments to Credit Bureaus

Correction of a broken credit score system.

A broken system impacts both renters and landlords. Monthly rent payments are highly correlated with the ability to repay debt in a timely manner, but have not been used in the calculation of credit scores. This adversely impacts the 100M renter households in the US and their landlords. Reporting rental payments to credit bureaus rewards good tenants by building their credit scores, and encourages them to continue to pay on time.

Identification of the best possible tenants.

The identification and retention of reliable tenants and the on-time payment of rent is essential to the operating efficiency of a property. If today’s credit scores don't reflect all of the important financial aspects of a renter’s life, an informed decision to whom to rent becomes more difficult.

Trusted data.

RentReporters is a trusted data provider with major credit bureaus. We are not a credit provider or credit repair service. The rent payment data provided to credit bureaus is used as a verified input into the calculation of mainstream consumer credit scores.

No cost. No time.

With RentReporters, landlords and property managers don't have to dedicate any additional resources or systems in reporting rent payments to credit bureaus. When a tenant signs up for the RentReporters service, a brief initial call with you is all that is required.