We Show Renters How To Get Credit For Paying Rent

Your credit report follows you for your whole life – It’s good to start off on the right track. RentReporters can help you improve your credit score by showing you how to get credit for paying your rent. Now you can build your credit history without taking on additional debt or new obligations.

If your good financial behaviors aren’t being considered, you can’t improve your credit score. And you won’t have access to the borrowing and financial opportunities, interest rates and terms that you deserve. How do you get a cell phone, the right credit card, an auto loan or home mortgage at today’s best rates?

RentReporters’ Services Can Help You Improve your Credit Score

A credit score that reflects your rental payment history

Consumers can use their rental payment history to take immediate action to inform and influence their credit scores.

Access to credit and financial educational resources

Accessible credit educational resources, financial habit building and planning skills are important partners on the path to intelligently establishing and using credit.

Responsive customer experience

Renters can access the most current status of the reporting of rental payment history and credit scores through our website or by talking directly with a customer service representative.

Affordable pricing with a money-back guarantee*

For a single fee of $99.95 and a $9.95 monthly subscription, RentReporters reports the last two years of your rental history (a 2-year look back) as well as your ongoing monthly rental payments. We also offer a money-back guarantee* if you are not satisfied with the increase in your credit score.


RentReporters Helps Renters Get the Credit They Deserve

When it comes to calculating credit scores, most consumers have a mix of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ credit and financial activity.

Visible = Payment of home mortgages, credit cards and car loans that are automatically reported to the major credit bureau and reflected in credit scores.

Invisible = Cash transactions, repayment of loans to family members, monthly dorm fees, military base or out of the country rent. These are not reported to the credit bureaus, and therefore are not included in credit scores.

What does this mean when it comes to calculating credit scores?

It means you can have a strong history of responsible debt repayment, but have a lower credit score than you deserve. This can impact your opportunity to get a good cell phone plan, utility contract, insurance, a car loan, a home mortgage, or even that new job you want.

Rent is your biggest monthly financial obligation.
 It should matter in calculating your credit score. 

For renters without a credit score or with poor credit scores.

There are more than 40 million renters in the US that either do not have a credit score or have a score under 550. If your history is limited, this generally means that every time you apply for credit, you probably get rejected. If you are paying rent and other financial obligations on time every month, that’s just not right. You should have reasonable access to credit and the everyday activities that it enables.

For renters with fair and good credit scores.

If your credit score is in this range, you have some access to “mainstream” credit activities. But you don't have access to the best rates and terms, whether it is for a credit card or a car. If you are under 620 - 640, being approved for any kind of home mortgage or something other than sub-prime rates is going to be tough.

For renters with excellent credit.

If you already have an excellent credit score, you might not be thinking about the ways you can make it even better. If you are like many responsible consumers and have reduced your debt, you may actually have become less attractive to lenders based on traditional credit scoring methods. So by having reduced your debt, your score might actually have gone down. This can be a problem as the higher your credit score, the greater your access to lower interest rates and favorable terms.

Alicia, Missouri, October 2016

I went on a journey to get my credit score up this year, after wrecking it in my 20’s, and had trouble finding ways to do it without creating more debt. I found out about Rent Reporters and decided to give it a try. I already have to pay rent! It took 5minutes to sign up online, I paid the fee, and they called my landlord about two weeks later and verified my rent payments. Rent Reporters reported THE LAST TWO YEARS I have been paying rent to the credit bureau! It gave my score a 27 point boost! (Seriously). Not to mention, customer service literally answered every question I had and quickly at that. It was super easy and definitely worth it!

Donna, Massachusetts, June 2016

I wish to say and send a shoutout to a hearty “THANK YOU”. I never knew this type of service existed. I only wish I had known about it awhile back. Your information was right on target. I sent them the information, and my landlord was contacted within a short time. Once my information was verified, transmitted to the credit bureaus, my credit score went up. TransUnion went up the most by 80 points! OMG! My Experian went up by 10 points. I’m still working on repairing my credit, but RentReporters was and is an excellent step in the right direction. SO sign up for their service. You won’t regret it.

Vishal, Illinois, April 2016

Its amazing how transparent the process was, I got an alert on every phase during the rent reporting and it also reflected right away on my credit report (referenced by Credit Karma). Your customer service team was amazing and was polite and respectful while communicating with my landlord. And that’s what you need with great product.

With great product you need great customer service which no doubt rent reporter has. Thank you for wonderful support for boosting up my credit and helping me secure a mortgage with competitive rates.

April, Michigan, March 2016

When I initially heard about, I was reluctant. However, after signing up after the recommendation of one of my friends, I soon realized the value of the service. I received quick response and updates regarding verification and credit reporting. My credit score even soared 10 points within 7 days. Exciting right, so am I!! Highly recommended service at an economical rate.

Leonardo, California, March 2016

I was introduced to by CreditKarma on February this year. Back then it was my first month after being transferred to the USA. I know how credit score and credit history are a complex thing here and there was no way I could live on paying foreign credit card currency exchange rates and taxes.

I could also have applied for a secured credit card, but why put $100 on a secured card if I can pay a few dollars/month to get my rent reported?

With RentReporters I got a bump up on my credit score (up ~11 Transunion and ~3 on Equifax) and one addition to my total accounts number. Now I got a non secured credit card, a good credit and can’t even keep track of how many credit card offers I get in my mailbox every month.

RentReporters even offered me the opportunity to report all my rental payments from the beginning of my contract, which would have also bumped up the age of credit history factor – just didn’t do it because my contract was recent, but that’s awesome for whoever is building credit. And I just can’t wait till you guys are able to report my old lease contracts!

Monica, Oklahoma, February 2016

I would like to thank for their wonderful service. They did everything as promised and my rental history was added 60 to 90 days later. My Trans Union score went up 47 points with the addition of my rental history alone. I only wish this service had been around years ago. I hope they expand to Experian and Equifax soon! Don’t wait, sign up and see what the reporting of your positive rental history can do for you!

Ernest, Tennessee, February 2016

My credit took a nose dive after a divorce. I heard of and decided to give it a try. They were able to report 2 years of previous rental history and helped boost my credit score by more than 70 points. Since my divorce, I’ve remarried and we’ve added a beautiful daughter to our family. We’ve now been approved for a mortgage. has impacted our lives, by helping to improve our credit! Thank you Rent Reporters.

Raul, Florida, February 2016

Several months ago my wife and I found out our credit score was in the low 600’s. We were told in December of 2015 that with the current score we would not qualify for a home loan. At this time we started to do everything in our power to raise our credit score. We paid down credit cards, checked our credit report and even became authorized users on each other’s credit cards. We stumbled across Rent Reporters in February and immediately signed up.

Our lease payment was $1700 and was not being reported as positive credit. Once we signed up just a few days later I saw the rent we were paying show up on our credit report. Rent reporters also reported the rent for the amount of time we had been living in that address which was about 18 months. We immediately saw an improvement in our credit. Another area it helped us was with our underwriter. The underwriter who ultimately approved our loan was able to see from our credit report that we had been on time with our payments to our landlord. In June of this year we were able to close on our home. Rent reporters was a big factor in raising our credit score to 691 that helped us qualify with multiple banks. I would recommend Rent reporters to anyone looking to raise credit score.

Judy, Washington D.C., February 2016

I have been very happy with the service provided by Rent Reporters! As a renter in very expensive housing market (Washington, DC), I was spending thousands of dollars on rent that was not reflected on my credit report, which had some dings following a period of unemployment in 2014.

When I signed up with Rent Reporters, my year’s worth of on-time rent payments showed up on my credit report, along with my continuing monthly payments. This has resulted in an increase in my credit score, which is very helpful for future credit applications, lease applications, insurance premium ratings, and possible even employment opportunities! Thank you so much for a wonderful service!