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We help you make the right decisions that will attract and keep great tenants.

Reporting your tenants’ rent history to the credit bureaus will reward tenants that pay on-time at no cost to you.

Looking for new tenants? We can help you attract better RentReporters tenants with our TransUnion SmartMove screening solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RentReporters is a service for credit-minded renters who want to have their on-time rental payments verified and reported to the credit bureaus in order to improve their credit score.

A higher credit score provides your tenant with more financial and borrowing opportunities. That means lower interest rates, eligibility for the best cell phone plans, and more.

RentReporters is creating motivated tenants. Knowing that paying their rent on time will have a positive impact on their credit report will reduce the likelihood of tenants paying their rent late. That’s great news for landlords and property managers!

The rental history needs to be independently verified by the landlord or property manager in order for it to be reported to the credit bureaus.

Verifying rent is a simple two step process that takes place in a short 5 minute call. First, we need to confirm that you are indeed the landlord or property manager- a simple, but critical step. Second, we ask you to verify the amount of rent paid, the date it was paid, and whether it was paid on time.

We are happy to assist in helping your other tenants sign up. Please refer them to our website at

Please visit our contact page for all contact options.

Smart Move Questions

We‘re partnering with SmartMove to provide our property owners a cost-effective way to make better-informed leasing decisions using credit-based decisioning tools.

Tenant screening is a critical component to minimizing risk of rental income loss for property owners. Evictions can cost more than $3,500.

SmartMove provides instant results after the renter has confirmed their application and passed identity authentication online. The only delays are due to either party not completing one or more steps throughout the process.

Criminal and Eviction reports go back 7 years.