Good credit is vital to create the life you want.
Whether that means landing your dream job, buying a car, or purchasing a home, better credit means access to financial opportunities to reach these goals.

Good credit takes time to build. Report your rent payments to the credit bureaus and establish a great credit score today!

⁃YES your credit report is what lenders use to determine whether to grant you credit

⁃It is not uncommon to find errors on your credit report so check periodically to make sure accurate

– you can receive a FREE copy of your credit report from all three bureaus here and access is immediate

– you are eligible through 2026 to get 6 free reports a year so consider checking your report every other month.

– it is important that you dispute any inaccuracies.  You can find complete instructions here

– Unless you have reached an accommodation with your lender it is important to make payments timely otherwise you run the risk of those payments being reported on your credit report as late.

⁃Paying off your credit card balance each month helps keep your finances in good order.  Carrying a credit card balance is generally not advisable unless it is for an emergency short term need.   The interest charges associated with carrying a balance can be prohibitively expensive.  Consider borrowing from family and friends first. 

 – yes, generally speaking limit your use of your available credit to only 30% of the credit line.  If you need to use more during a month consider making a payment during the month to keep your utilization percentage lower.

⁃Reporting past and current  rent payment historyhelps in several ways

    – adds tradeline which will ‘thicken’ your credit file.  Lenders want to see that you have managed multiple tradelines with strong on-time payment history 

⁃Increases your length of credit history back to the date of your first verified lease

⁃Adds significant payment history in as little as 10 days

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