Rebuilding Your Credit

Hitting a bump on the credit highway has happened to millions of Americans…maybe a lost job, student loan debt, or an unexpected expense…any of these things can result in damaged credit and a low credit score which will make it expensive or even impossible to get credit.

How do we help?


  • RentReporters can help you rebuild your credit in a matter of days by reporting your last two years’ of on-time rent payments to TransUnion. The addition of this significant payment history will have a dramatic impact on your credit and allow you to move towards credit independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for a mortgage the mortgage broker uses what is referred to as a tri-merge credit report.  This takes the data found on the individual reports from Transunion, Experian, and Equifax and then combines them into a single report.  The result is that the rental history we report to Transunion is included on tri-merge report just as if we had reported the history directly to Experian and Equifax.

For thousands of RentReporters’ customers, the average increase they see in as little as 15 days is 35-50 points. We don’t run the credit scoring models owned and used by the credit bureaus, so we are unable to predict the change in your score. We do think you’ll be inspired by the stories of our customers and the dramatic changes they have experienced.

Based on the positive results we have seen from thousands of customers, we’re confident that you’ll see a significant increase in your score. If you are not happy with the change you see within 48 hours after the addition of the “RentReporters/Residence” tradeline to your credit report, we’ll issue you a full refund.

It’s important for you to know that when this refund is processed, we’ll simultaneously be REMOVING your rental history from your credit report, which will also adjust your credit score back to where it would have been had the rent not been reported.

There are 4 simple steps to the rent reporting process:
1. Verification of your identity and rent payments: On your application, we need basic information such as your social security number, date of birth, address, and your landlord’s contact information. Your social security number ensures that your rent history is clearly matched with your credit profile.

2. Verification of your rent payments with your landlord: We work directly with your landlord to verify their identity and confirm your on-time rent payments both over the last 24 months, and in the months to come. For a fee of $50 each, we can also verify and report rent payments made to multiple landlords within the past 2 years.

3. Rent reporting to credit bureaus: We report your rent history to Transunion, one of the major credit bureaus. You receive an email notification when this is completed. We anticipate also reporting to both Experian and Equifax in the near future.

4. Tradeline creation on your credit report: A new tradeline is created on your credit report within 5-7 business days. You receive a notification when this is completed. As you continue to pay your rent each month, more information is added to this tradeline. This is why it is important to keep your subscription paid and current every month.

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