Boost Your Score With Rent

Improve your credit by adding up to two years of rent history…and keep it moving by reporting your ongoing monthly payments.

What is Your Score....
But More Importantly What Should It Be?

Very Poor or No Score

If you are one of the 40 million who have no credit score or one of the millions with a score under 550 you likely get denied every time you apply for credit and maybe have even stopped trying. Maybe it’s your first credit card or a car loan, but just think of the possibilities. RentReporters can change your life!!


If this is you, you are not alone. Nearly 1/3 of all adults have this score. With this score you are getting approved for SOME credit though rates and down payment terms will be very unfavorable. Think of the savings and extra dollars in your pocket if you just signed up to report your rent.


Things are good for you in terms of getting access to credit, but you will still be paying higher rates than those with better scores…the savings will add up if you start reporting your rent.


You are on your way to the best rates. You will likely get approved for credit but the best rates are still reserved for those with scores over 749. A good path to an excellent score…let RentReporters help you…Report Your Rent!!


At last you can get the very best rates…CONGRATULATIONS!! Make sure you stay on top. Let RentReporters keep you there by REPORTING YOUR RENT!!

RentReporters Impacts What
Matters Most in Your Credit Score*

Payment History

“Payment History” will be positively influenced by on-time rent payments

Age of Credit

The “age” of your credit will now be updated to reflect the length of time you have been renting from your reported landlords.

Type of Credit

Adding your rent history will create a new “type” of credit that is viewed similarly to a mortgage. 

* Top influences in the Vantage score computation according to TransUnion

Get the credit you deserve

Even with a history of responsible debt repayment, you can have a lower credit score than you deserve. This can happen if all of your good financial behaviors aren’t being considered – like paying your rent every month. Having a low credit score limits your opportunity to get a good cell phone plan, utility contract, insurance, car loan, home mortgage, or even that new job you want. We want to help you change that.

Trust Us on Your Journey to Establishing Credit

A Credit Score That Reflects Your Good Rent History

Improve your credit score based on what you’re already doing - paying your rent on time.

Access to Credit Resources

Read our weekly blog posts for tips to keep your score going up.

Responsive Credit Specialists

Our credit specialists are available by phone or chat to answer any questions you have and to keep you up to date on the status of your reporting.

Affordable Pricing With a Satisfaction Guarantee*

For $94.95 we report up to two years of rent history. Continue to report your monthly rent for just $9.95 a month.