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How Does Rent Help?

Up to now, your rent payments have had NO impact on your credit score. RentReporters decided it was time to change that. We report your on-time rent payments to the credit bureau – which will increase your score. Your credit score affects the financial options you have in life – getting a lower interest rate on credit cards, a car loan, or even your dream home. WATCH What Rent Can Do !!

Trust Us on Your Journey to Better Credit

A Credit Score That Reflects Your Good Rent History

Improve your credit score based on what you’re already doing - paying your rent on time.

Access to Credit Resources

Read our weekly blog posts for tips to keep your score going up.

Responsive Credit Specialists

Our credit specialists are available by phone or chat to answer any questions you have and to keep you up to date on the status of your rent reporting.

Affordable Pricing With a Satisfaction Guarantee*

For $59.95 we report up to two years of rent history. Continue to report your monthly rent for just $9.95 a month.