Who Is RentReporters?

RentReporters is changing the way credit scores are calculated for the more than 100 million renters in the United States. Historically, monthly rent payments have had zero positive impact on credit scores. We believe that it’s time to change that system. Learn More »


We help renters improve their credit scores simply by having their last two years of rent history and their ongoing monthly rent payments automatically reported to major credit bureaus. The more months of rent that are reported, the bigger the possible impact.

It’s that simple, and powerful.

Your credit score impacts so many areas of your life. In many instances, it will determine whether you’re able to get access to money when you need it: credit cards (or lower interest rate credit cards), a car loan, or a home mortgage. A higher credit score can also give you access to the best cell phone plans, deposit free utilities, and even a better job.

Change your number. Change your life.

At RentReporters, we believe that changing your credit score is not about merely changing a number. It’s about creating a path to open the door to financial possibilities.

As a RentReporters’ customer, you’re taking action to change the course of your financial future. Whether you’re establishing a credit score for the first time or improving your existing score, our team will help you take the necessary steps to take back control of your credit score.

How RentReporters Helps

Renter Signup

You create an account with basic information about your lease and landlord.  Inform your landlord you’ve signed up and provide them with your contact link and customer code.

Rent Verification

Your landlord will contact us. In a short ten minute call, they will verify their identity as your landlord and the rent you paid.

Rental History to Credit Bureau

RentReporters validates your rent and reports your rental payment history to TransUnion.

Credit Score Impact

Once your landlord contacts us, your credit report and credit score will be updated in as little as 10 days.

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For Renters

Credit follows you for your whole life – It’s good to start off on the right foot. RentReporters reports your rent payments to credit bureaus so you can build credit history without taking on additional debt.

If your good financial behaviors don't get reflected in your credit score, you don't have access to the borrowing opportunities, interest rates and terms that you deserve. How do you get a cell phone, the right credit card, an auto loan or home mortgage at today’s best rates?


For Landlords and Property Managers

To effectively manage your property, you need access to the best possible tenants – those who are reliable and fiscally responsible. A big part of the definition of “best” is a potential tenant’s credit score.  If a renter’s past history of on-time rental payments is not included in their traditional credit score, how can you ever know who is really right for you?

What RentReporters Delivers

A credit score that reflects your rental payment history

Consumers can use their rental payment history to take immediate action to inform and influence their credit scores.

Access to credit and financial educational resources

Accessible credit educational resources, financial habit building and planning skills are important partners on the path to intelligently establishing and using credit.

Responsive customer experience

Renters can access the most current status of the reporting of rental payment history and credit scores through our website or by talking directly with a customer service representative.

Affordable pricing with a money-back guarantee*

For a single fee of $99.95 and a $12.95 monthly subscription, RentReporters reports the last two years of your rental history (a 2-year look back) as well as your ongoing monthly rental payments. We also offer a money-back guarantee* if you are not satisfied with the increase in your credit score.