Customer Spotlight – Terry Sacia

Terry Sacia: “By having my rental payment history reported to the credit bureaus, I gained a much needed new tradeline to my report”  This is part of a series of posts that share the personal stories of some RentReporters customers that have benefited from our service. If you’d like to share your story — and—Read More

In Times Like These, a Good Credit Score is Essential

While the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic has taken a toll on people and families across the country, we are beginning to turn the corner. More and more people are getting vaccinated, businesses are re-opening, and the number of new cases continues to decline. We may find ourselves getting somewhat back to normal soon.

Plan For Better Credit to Meet Bigger Financial Goals

If you’ve laid out some financial goals for the year, having a plan to build better credit is a good first step to take. Good credit means you can borrow money at a lower interest rate, qualify for lower interest rate credit cards, and also save money on utilities, mobile phone service, and insurance. Below—Read More