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According to TransUnion,  70% of tenants are more likely to pay rent  on time if their payments are being reported to the credit bureaus.

Motivated tenants are the best tenants. The desire to improve or maintain one’s credit is a powerful motivator.

We Offer 2 Easy Programs for Property Managers

Refer your Tenants and We Pay You.

Join our partner program and receive a referral reward of $20 for each resident who enrolls.

Simply email our invitation link to your residents and let us do the rest.

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Offer our service for as little as $2.50 per tenant.

Offer a real benefit your competitors can’t beat.

Simply let us know who paid and when and we do the rest each month at no additional charge to your resident.

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    What is RentReporters?

    RentReporters is a service for credit-minded renters who want their on-time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus to boost their credit score.

    How does this help my tenant?

    A higher credit score provides your tenant with better financial opportunities.  That means lower interest rates, eligibility for the best cell phone plans, and more.

    How does this help me?

    RentReporters’ tenants are motivated tenants.  Knowing that paying their rent on time will have a positive impact on their credit report will reduce the likelihood of late payments.

    How do you verify my tenant’s rent?

    For residents signing up through our website, we verify the lease details and payment history through a short phone call.  For tenants paying their rent via ACH, it doesn’t get much easier.  Once their initial history is verified, we can verify their payments directly through their bank.

    Should you wish to report a group of tenants each month, a simple email with the rent-roll for the month that includes date payment received is all it takes.

    How do I contact you?

    Call us at (626) 737-6100 come chat with us, or email us at [email protected].

Zero Risk, All Reward

Help your tenants while helping yourself. If your tenants aren’t happy with the impact to their credit, we’ll issue a full refund.  No questions asked. We’re that sure they’re going to love it.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to helping you get the credit you deserve. If you are not delighted with your score change, we will gladly issue a refund.

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