Helping Renters Build Credit

We believe that the 100 million renters and the 45 million who are unscorable should have a credit score that reflects their responsible rent payment history….giving them access to the financial opportunities they deserve.


We’ve helped over 40,000 renters achieve their goals and we want you to be next.

RentReporters customers are 5X more likely to purchase a home than non-customers. Unscorable? Give us 10 days and we will solve the problem.

Meet the RentReporters Team

John Simpson


John has played an integral role in RentReporters since 2013, when he joined as an investor and Board Member. Compelled by the opportunity to provide our country’s 100 million renters, particularly the 40 million who are credit invisible, the ability to improve or establish credit by paying their rent on time, he expanded his role in 2016 to become CEO. John’s passion for innovation began at Deloitte where he rose to the executive position of partner. John went on to serve as founder and CEO of CCG, a technology driven tax credit screening firm, and then as CEO and co-founder of HigherUp, an HR analytic solutions firm to empower small businesses.

Heather Smith

Senior VP of Operations

As head of operations, Heather brings to RentReporters an enthusiasm for detail. In her current role, she oversees the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and transactions for RentReporters customers. Heather began her career at Deloitte, which she left to join CCG, a technology driven tax credit screening firmware, where she served as Chief Operating Officer. At CCG, Heather led the development of the company’s technology platform which propelled the company’s rapid growth.

Cynthia Kim

VP, Administration

Cynthia is focused on supporting the customers at RentReporters. She is responsible for helping customers better manage their financial life through meaningful education tools and ensuring a high level customer experience. Cynthia began her career at CCG and served most recently at HigherUp as Director of Client Service.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to helping you get the credit you deserve. If you are not delighted with your score change, we will gladly issue a refund.

Quality in everything that we do, every day.


Service that makes a difference.


Satisfaction guaranteed.