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Let us know within 7 days if you’re not happy with the results, and we’ll remove your rent history from your credit and issue a complete refund.

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Provide some basic information about you and your landlord and you are on your way to a better credit score!



We Verify Your Rental History

Did you know we can add up to 4 years of past rent payments? This can boost your score dramatically!


Once enrolled, we will contact your landlord to verify your rent history so be sure to let your landlord know that RentReporters will be calling.



We Report Your Rent to:

We report your rent payment history to the credit bureaus which will boost your score in as little as 5 days. It will appear on your credit report, as “RR/Residence.”


We will continue to verify your rent payments, updating your credit report and improving your credit each and every month!



Let Your Rent Do the Work and Watch Your Credit Improve

Use your credit score to create the life you want and explore your new financial opportunities.


Will this mean getting rid of a pre-paid cell phone plan, qualifying for a lower interest rate credit card, getting that job you really want, or even buying your dream home?


Our Customers’ Success Stories

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“My daughter signed up first. She wanted to buy her first home, and as a young adult, she didn’t have much credit history. After joining RentReporters, her score went up by 40 points, and that increase really helped her.”
Lori C
“I’m now on my way to building my credit score and can be approved for loans and standard credit cards.”
Greg M
“A lot of people are renting, and they should know that RentReporters can help them. I’m living proof.”
Tanja D


    How much will my credit score increase?

    For thousands of RentReporters’ customers, the average increase is 40 points. While we would love to be able to predict a specific score we simply can’t because the scoring algorithm the bureaus use is proprietary and not available to us. We do think you’ll be inspired by the stories of our customers and the dramatic changes they have experienced.

    How long will it take for me to see a change in my credit score?

    You will see your new score within 3-5 days after we have completed your verification.

    Tell me about my free credit score?

    We provide you a free credit score before we initially report your rent history and then again immediately after it is added so that you can see how much your score changed….each month thereafter your new score is added.

    How do you add my rent history to my credit report?

    There are 4 steps to reporting your rent to the credit bureaus.

    1. Verification of your identity and rent payments: We need your social security number, date of birth, address, and your landlord’s contact information.

    2. Verification of your rent payments with your landlord: We work directly with your landlord to confirm your on-time rent payments.

    3. Reporting your history to the credit bureaus.

    4. Rental tradeline added to your credit report: Your new tradeline will be added to your credit report within 5-7 days. As you continue to pay your rent each month, additional positive history is added to your tradeline monthly.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to helping you get the credit you deserve. If you are not delighted with your score change, we will gladly issue a refund.

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Service that makes a difference.


Satisfaction guaranteed.