Credit repair takes time. Results don’t have to.

There’s no quick fix to repairing a consumer credit problem. Yet we live in a world where people expect immediate results. Would you like to be able to quickly deliver an increase in credit scores to your clients, while you work on more time consuming credit repair issues?

You can when you partner with RentReporters Ambassadors.
Our average customer sees an increase of 30-50 points in just 10 days.

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RentReporters Ambassadors

How It Works:

When you become an ambassador, we’ll issue you a unique referral code. Every time a customer uses this code, they’ll receive $10 off and you’ll receive:

  • $40 for each of the first 5 customers you sign up
  • $20 for each customer after that

We Fit Right Into Your Credit Repair Services

Identify Customers

Show them how reporting rent is the part of the credit repair process that will give them some immediate results.

Customer Sign Up

Help your customer signup for the RentReporters service. This usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Rent Reporting

We report up to 2-years of rent payment history, to TransUnion – which then creates a new credit line on a consumer’s report.

Immediate Results

In as little as 10 days, credit scores usually increase by 30-50 points. We’ve seen this for thousands of customers.

Build Trust & Value

You build immediate value and trust with even the most demanding customer, while you work on the hard, longer lead-time issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately the scoring models used by the bureaus are not published and therefore, we are unable to predict the affect on your score. However, we do expect that reporting a positive rent history will increase your customers credit score. It is not unusual for a score to increase by 50 points. Scroll down to read the stories of real customers.

During the signup process, customers will need to verify their identity by providing information such as a social security number and date of birth. We'll also ask them to provide rental information for the past 24 months, including your address, landlord's contact information, moved in and out dates (if applicable), and how much they're paying in rent. Once they've completed the application, we'll work directly with their landlord to verify their identity and confirm on-time rent payments over the last 24 months.

Once we have verified their identity, the landlord, and on-time rent payments, we will report the rental payment history to TransUnion. It usually takes about 5-7 days for the rental payments to post onto a credit report. We will notify them when we've uploaded them, and notify them again when the rental tradeline is live on your credit report.

Once a customers rental verification and landlord validation are complete, it generally takes about 5 business days for their credit report to be updated. Once their verification is complete, their rent history will appear on their credit report under the tradeline “RentReporters/Residence”.

RentReporters is so confident that adding on-time rent payments to your customer's credit report will have such a significant impact, that if they’re not delighted with the initial increase in score, we will issue a refund. A refund request must be submitted to us within 48 hours from the time we notify them that their rental history has been added to their credit report. Please note that when a refund is processed, we’ll simultaneously be REMOVING their rental history from their credit report, which will also adjust your credit score back to where it would have been had the rent not been reported.

Real Customers. Real Success Stories

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