Holiday Credit Tip 4: 3 Tips to Shop Securely

For many of us, the holiday season means spending time with family and friends, as we exchange gifts and good will. But for cyber criminals, it’s the season to steal your personal and financial information.

This holiday, you can stay safe when shopping online with these 3 tips:

WiFi beware – Before joining a public WiFi, look for a sign that provides WiFi name and log in. If you don’t see one, ask an employee. Even then, public WiFi is not secure, so think twice before you enter your credit card information to make a purchase.

Don’t save your credit card number – Saving your credit card number on a retailer’s website can save a few minutes when you’re making multiple purchases, but remember, if the website is breached, your information can be stolen.

Monitor your financial accounts – Stay on top of your financial accounts. If you notice fraudulent behavior, like unauthorized credit card purchases, call your credit card company and alert them of the suspicious activity. If your stolen credit card was linked to online stores and bill pay sites, go through your online accounts and remove your credit card information.

Don’t let cyber criminals ruin your holiday. Be vigilant and shop securely.

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