Holiday Credit Tip 6: Shorten Your Shopping List

Like millions of shoppers during this time of the year, you scurry around online and in crowded shopping malls to find the perfect gift for family and friends. But, the money spent to buy all those gifts can be a financial burden, so this holiday season, why not shorten your shopping list?

Instead of buying a gift for everyone on your list, make something that those closest to you will cherish. A few DIY Christmas gifts that your family and friends will love:

  • Cookie jar with homemade treats
  • Photomontage of special events and memories
  • Handmade candle
  • Mini indoor herb garden
  • Homemade hot cocoa mix
  • Infused cooking oils
  • Homemade Christmas stockings and tree ornaments
  • Instagram coasters

The possibilities are endless!

Exchanging gifts is a big part of celebrating the holidays. This year, give a one-of-kind gift made from you. Family and friends will appreciate a gift crafted with love, and you’ll save money for a debt-free holiday!

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