How Recent Grads can go from Unscorable to Having a Credit Score

If you’re a recent graduate, chances are you didn’t have monthly bills in your name, and that means you could be credit unscorable. Or, in other words, you don’t have a credit score because you’re new to using credit.

If you want access to credit, then you need a credit score. So, what’s a grad to do? Don’t fret…there are simple steps you can take to start building and improving your credit score, like becoming an authorized user on someone’s credit card and having your on time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus.

Like our customer Lindsay Saldebar  – while still in college, she wanted to start building her credit score. She didn’t realize that she didn’t have a score until she applied for and was denied her first credit card. So, she signed up for RentReporters, and in less than 48 hours, she went from having no score to a credit score of 658! And with her new score, she was able to get her first credit card.

Let us help you, too, go from credit unscorable to having a credit score. We can help you get there by reporting your on time rent payments to TransUnion.

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