How Rent Reporting Can Help You if You Want to… Get What You Need in Life

If you have a low or no credit score, life can be difficult. Most likely, you don’t have access to financial products that many people take for granted, like being approved for a loan and a “regular” credit card, and that means getting what you need in life can be challenging.

If you’re a renter, most likely rent is your biggest monthly expense, so why not have your on time rental payments work for you to help you get what you need? You can do this by signing up with a rent reporting solution like RentReporters. We verify and report your on time rent payments to TransUnion, and within days, your credit score will go up – and with your new and improved score, you can be approved for those financial products you need and get the best deals like lower interest rates on your loans.

We helped our customer Angela Thompson whose credit score went from 485 to the high 600s, and with her new score, she was approved for a credit card and auto loan. We also helped customer Shelly Onaka whose credit score took a hit after her divorce. With RentReporters, her score went from the low 600s to 716, and as a result, she was approved for a credit card and was able to lease a car and rent her own home.

Let us help you, too, boost your credit score. We can help you get there by reporting your on time rent payments to TransUnion.

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