What if You Could…Get the Credit You Deserve

What if You Could…Get the Credit You Deserve
Did you pay off all your credit cards and then close them?

Did you once have a good credit score, then paid off your mortgage, and now make your big purchases – like a new car – with cash?

Do you not have a personal utility or cable account? 

Do you not have a bank account?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, then you might fall into the category of “credit unscorable.” That means you have a limited credit file because you’re new to using credit or you haven’t used credit recently. And you could be anyone – a student, on your own for the first time, an immigrant, or even widowed or divorced.

Unfortunately, having a credit history isn’t always enough to generate a credit score, and if you’re credit unscorable, the impact on your life can be profound. For example, you may not be able to rent an apartment, get a job, and be approved for a loan to purchase a car or home. You could even find it difficult to get a credit card and a cell phone plan.

But, what if you could take action to build your credit history, revive your score, and get the credit you deserve? What if you could be approved for the best cell phone plan, get better interest rates for an auto loan and home mortgage, and receive credit card offers with reward points and cash back on purchases?

There are steps you can take to get there, like getting a secured credit card, becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit card, and paying the full amount of your bills on time. You can also have your on-time rent payments reported to the nationwide credit reporting agencies.

RentReporters is helping renters proactively impact their credit scores simply by having the last two years of rent history or their monthly rent payments automatically reported to TransUnion. Start building and proactively impacting your credit score to get the credit you deserve.

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