What if You Could… Improve Your Score and Change Your Life?

Many people with a low or no credit score feel stuck. They can’t get access to financial products that some people take for granted – like being approved for loans and unsecured credit cards. As a result, life can be difficult.

But what if you could improve your score and change your life? Like our customer Michelle who had a low credit score. Her score was in the 400s, and because of her low score, she wasn’t able to get a car loan or approval for a credit card. She also could not rent an apartment on her own, so her boyfriend co-signed her lease.

She learned about RentReporters and how having her on time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus can help build and improve her credit score. She signed up, and in approximately two weeks, her score went up by 120 points! With her new score, Michelle can now get what she needs in life.

The time is NOW to proactively build and improve your credit score so that you can make what if you could a reality. Solutions like RentReporters can help you get there.

And if you’re a landlord, RentReporters can help you, too, make what if you could a reality, like finding and keeping the best tenants. With our new partnership with TransUnion SmartMove, you can easily access comprehensive information on your applicants’ backgrounds to help you make that critical decision about who to rent to and who to decline.

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