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March 30, 2017
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Credit follows you for your whole life. Your credit score is what determines your financial worthiness to receive what you need, like a cell phone plan, renting an apartment, utilities, and a loan to buy a home or car.

If you have a low or no credit score, life can become difficult. But, don’t fret – there is hope. With solutions like RentReporters, you can have your on time rent payments reported to TransUnion to start building or improving your credit score. Imagine, with your new credit score, what if you could change your life like our customers Shelly and Michelle.

Shelly’s credit score took a dive after she and her husband separated. When they were married, all the bills were in her name, and her husband paid the bills. When they separated, he stopped paying the bills, so her credit score went down to the low 600s. As a result, she wasn’t able to gain access to any credit. In time, her credit history became stale, and for 11 years, she was repeatedly denied access to credit.

Shelly read about RentReporters and signed up. Within a few weeks, her score went up to 716! With her new credit score, Shelly’s life has changed in so many positive ways. She was approved for an unsecured credit card, so she no longer needs to make cash only payments. She was also approved to lease a car and rent her own home.

Michelle’s life also changed with her new credit score. Before signing up for RentReporters, her credit score was in the 400s, and a result of her low score, life was impacted in many negative ways. For example, she was not able to lease an apartment on her own, so her boyfriend had to co-sign her lease. After she heard how RentReporters could help, she signed up, and her credit score improved by 120 points! With her new credit score, Michelle plans to shop around for a car loan, and now, she’s proactive about her credit so that she can continue to improve her score.

The time is NOW to change your life by improving your credit score – and solutions like RentReporters can help you get there.

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