Build a Strong Credit Report and Credit Score By Reporting Your Monthly Rental Payments.

Give your credit report an even bigger boost by reporting up to 24 months of PREVIOUS rental payments.

Money Back Guarantee*

RentReporters offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the increase in your credit score. A refund request must be submitted to us within 48 hours from the time we notify you that your rental history has been added to your credit report. Additionally, If your landlord does not contact us within 30 days after you initially signup, your money will also be refunded.



Activate your RentReporters account in a few simple steps. All we need is your basic rental information.


Please contact your landlord to inform them that you have signed up for RentReporters, and that we will be contacting them in the near future. Once we have verified their identity as your landlord and validated your rental agreement, we will report your rental payment history to TransUnion.

Credit Bureau

TransUnion adds a traditional payment tradeline to your national consumer credit file.

A service that delivers Results! No need to change anything about the way you currently pay rent to use the service.


Bureau Proven Formula

We are a Trusted Data Provider to the bureau with years of proven results.


Consumer Credit Report

The RentReporters data will appear right on your national consumer credit report.


Automated Request System

RentReporters is completely automated, secure and requires no change in how you pay rent now.


Prove Ability to Pay

Adding a rental account to your credit report demonstrates your ability to pay a large payment on-time every month.


Credit Report Health

RentReporters helps you establish credit within days, not months or years. You can build, re-build, or re-establish credit using your largest payment.


Credit Score Factors

A RentReporters account can impact up to 50% of your credit score by reporting your good paying account with up to 24 months of previous payment history on day one of service.