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RentReporters helps you close more loans/sales by verifying your customers’ on-time rent history and reporting it to the credit bureaus. Adding rent history thickens your clients’ credit file, allowing them to secure better terms and improve the likelihood of loan approval.

Greater Affordability

Increase your client’s affordability profile by securing lower interest rates, lower rates means lower cost which translates to greater affordability.

Simplify Loan Approvals

Make sure your clients are prepared by reporting their rent history BEFORE they find their dream home, making loan approval simpler and more certain.

More Eligible Buyers

Increase your pool of eligible buyers make the ineligible ELLIGIBLE!!

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How To Build Credit Quickly By Reporting Your Rent


    How much does RR Cost?

    • $94.95 for one lease and up to two years of rent history
    • $50 for each additional lease reported
    • Ongoing monthly reporting if required, $9.95 per month

    How long will it take for me to see a change in my credit score?

    You will see your new score within 3-5 days after we have completed your verification.

    How does it work?

    Once rental verification is complete a new trade-line called “RentReporters/Residence” will be added to your credit report within 10 business days.  Once added, your updated score will be immediately accessible on your RentReporters dashboard.

    Who do I contact with questions about my account?

    You will have a dedicated representative available to you by phone/email/chat.

    Which credit bureaus do you report to?

    We currently report to Equifax and TransUnion, with Experian reporting beginning in late spring.

    Will you need to contact my landlord?

    We will need your landlord’s help to verify your payment history but don’t worry, landlords are generally happy to help.

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