Report Your Apartment or Dorm Rent – Get a Great Credit Score Today!

If you are reporting rent for campus housing, when checking out please indicate “student housing” as the name of your landlord and provide the student housing office phone number as the contact phone number.

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Coverage Increase of 40 Points in 10 Days — Here’s How it Works

  • We report your payments to Equifax and TransUnion
  • A new tradeline gets added to your credit report
  • See your new score within 10 days

Sign Up in 5 Simple Steps

If you pay rent electronically, enroll in RentCheck during signup.

RentCheck is free and allows your rent payments to be automatically verified each month, and faster.

1) About You

Tell us who you are so we can match you to your credit file.

2) Who’s Your Landlord

Tell us about your landlord and how we can reach them.

3) Your Lease
Tell us about your rent terms.

4) Enroll In RentCheck

Link the bank account you pay your rent from to your RentReporters account.

5) Checkout
Don’t forget to use code start and complete your sign up!

Learn How Rent Reporting Can Help If You Plan To..

Rebuild Your Credit

Get your life back on track now with RentReporters! We’ll report your rent to the credit bureau and help you towards credit independence.

Become A Homeowner

RentReporters helps you improve your credit profile, making it easier to qualify for that new home and help you get the very lowest interest rate.

Establish Credit

By reporting your rent, RentReporters can help you establish a credit score so that you can qualify for traditional credit products like a credit card or an auto


    How long will it take for me to see a change in my credit score?

    You will see your new score within 3-5 days after we have completed your verification.

    How much will my credit score increase?

    For thousands of RentReporters’ customers, the average increase is 40 points. While we would love to be able to predict a specific score we simply can’t because the scoring algorithm the bureaus use is proprietary and not available to us. We do think you’ll be inspired by the stories of our customers and the dramatic changes they have experienced.

    What is your refund policy?

    Our refund policy is simple…. If you’re not satisfied with the results after we report your initial rent history, let us know within 7 days and we will issue a full refund. Important to note that at the time of refund, we also remove your rent history from your credit report.   Check out our refund policy in our terms of use.

    What information is needed during sign up?

    To make check out a breeze, have the following at hand:

    • Rental Address
    • Move In/Out Date
    • Rent Amount
    • Landlord Phone


    What is RentCheck?

    RentCheck is our free service that allows us to report your rent faster without needing to contact your landlord.

    What qualifies as an electronic payment?

    Any rent payments that are paid through an online portal, bank transfers to a third party payment service like Venmo/Cash app, or debit card transactions.

    RentCheck is also able to verify rent payments that are made by paper check and in some cases, even cash payments. Call our team to see if you qualify.

    How do I enroll in RentCheck?

    You enroll in RentCheck during signup. Simply link your RentReporters account to the bank account you use to pay your rent.

    What happens if I don’t enroll in RentCheck?

    If you have not enrolled in RentCheck within 24 hours you will be charged the remaining balance of our standard sign up fee of $94.95.

How To Build Credit Quickly By Reporting Your Rent

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