Faces of RentReporters: Diandra Higginbotham

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August 24, 2017
2 mins read

Diandra Higginbotham, Self-Employed

Why I Joined RentReporters:

I’m 26 years old, and one of my life goals is to buy my own home. So, I knew that if I wanted to achieve this goal, I needed to improve my credit score. I tried applying for different credit cards to build and improve my score, but I kept getting denied because of my low score.

I heard about RentReporters through a Facebook group. After learning more about how my rental payments could help improve my score, signing up for a solution like RentReporters seemed like the easiest and most effective way to improve my score.

I joined RentReporters, and in two weeks, my score went up 99 points!

After Joining RentReporters:

With my credit score increase, I’m on my way to achieving my goals. I’m careful with how I use credit so that my score doesn’t go down, and I continue to do what I can to build and improve my score.

My Experience with RentReporters:

The RentReporters team did what they said they would do – my score went up! The team was great. I worked with Linda who always responded immediately, and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build their credit history and improve their score.

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