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February 25, 2021
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Terry Sacia: “By having my rental payment history reported to the credit bureaus, I gained a much needed new tradeline to my report” 

This is part of a series of posts that share the personal stories of some RentReporters customers that have benefited from our service. If you’d like to share your story — and earn cash and rewards in the process — please email us at [email protected].

Customer Name: Terry Sacia

Occupation: Divorce Facilitator (former mortgage banker)

Location: La Crosse, WI


Why I joined RentReporters:

I joined RentReporters more than five years ago because I was looking for a way to increase my credit score after my divorce. I knew from my prior experience in mortgage banking and real estate that I would need more tradelines since my former spouse kept the house and we closed several joint accounts. I was planning to rent so I decided to take advantage of the situation in the best way that I could. In looking at different options, I found RentReporters and was interested in a service that could make a positive difference on my score in a short timeframe, as well as help me over the long-term.

Many people who go through a divorce see their credit impacted because some accounts are closed and new ones are opened. This usually means your credit score takes a hit right off the bat — so people need to find a way to strike a balance between activities that have a negative impact and those that don’t. RentReporters doesn’t report as a “new account” so it won’t hurt your credit. It’s simply a tradeline that shows you pay bills on time. And, with the newer models coming out from the reporting agencies that is a plus.

After Joining RentReporters:

By having my rental payment history reported to the credit bureaus, I gained a much needed new tradeline to my report. Since they report every month and also do a two-year look-back, RentReporters helped me solidify my financial foundation.

Since signing on for the service several years ago, I’ve seen my score go up by around 200 points. It took time with solid and consistent effort on my part to see that result — however, I also saw a small boost in my score right away after I started.

My Experience with RentReporters:

I would highly recommend RentReporters to anyone who is responsible with paying their rent on-time every month and who wants to boost their credit score. In fact, my experience with RentReporters has been so incredible that I decided to promote their program to others, and I now recommend the service through my business My view is that if someone is renting, why not take advantage of any help you can? It isn’t necessarily going to give you an 850 credit score tomorrow, but it isn’t going to set you back to 350 either. Slow and steady wins the race.

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