Faces of RentReporters: Greg Martinez

Greg Martinez,Self-Employed

Why I Joined RentReporters:

I am in the credit repair business, and many of my customers are renters who don’t have established credit. As a result, they can’t be approved for loans, credit cards and a home mortgage. I work with them to get their credit in shape so that their dreams can come true.

Because of my line of work, I know how to repair my own credit – like being an authorized user on other credit accounts. But because I had some difficulty getting approved for standard credit cards and one of my goals is to have my credit score in the 800-range, I decided it was time to do something to give it a bigger boost.

I did some online research and learned about RentReporters. I decided to sign up and my score went up.

After Joining RentReporters:

In about two weeks, my credit score increased by 40 points! I’m now on my way to building my credit score and can be approved for loans and standard credit cards.

My Experience with RentReporters:

The RentReporters team was great. I’m big on customer service, and everyone responded immediately. I really liked having access to their live chat feature on their website, and the videos were very informative. I had a great experience, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to build and improve their credit score.


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