Faces of RentReporters: Krystal

Krystal Evans, Manager

Why I Joined RentReporters:

My credit score was low. I didn’t know how to improve it and where to get information to help me. And because of my low credit score, I didn’t have access to credit. As a result, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get what I wanted and needed in life.

To help me understand how credit works and how to improve my score, I joined Credit Warriors. They told me what to expect in my credit journey and what I could do to improve my score.

Through Credit Warriors, I also learned about RentReporters. I never knew that my rent could be reported to the credit bureaus to improve my score. So, I signed up, and in two weeks, my score went up over 30 points!

After Joining RentReporters:

With my improved credit score, I am able to gain access to financial products, including credit cards and loans. And now, I know that I can achieve my goals, like buying a car and home!

Today, I have a better understanding of how credit works and what I can do to improve my score. I pay my bills, like my credit card balance and rent, on time every month, and with my responsible financial behavior, I know that I can continue to proactively improve my credit score.

My Experience with RentReporters:

I signed up with RentReporters online, and the website worked great for me. The RentReporters team has been terrific to work with, and they did what they said they would do – help me improve my credit score. I would recommend RentReporters to others who are looking to improve their credit. I believe in what they do, and they were able to help me, so I decided to become a RentReporters Brand Ambassador!

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