Nurture Your Credit: Why Rent Reporting Works

If you’re a renter who pays your rent on time every month, then you need to nurture your credit score by having your rental payments reported to the credit bureaus. That, coupled with other responsible financial behaviors, can provide a path to improving and nurturing your credit score, so that you can achieve some of your life goals, like buying your dream home and getting a new car.

So, why does RentReporters work?

By reporting on-time monthly rent payments to the credit bureaus, your payment information is included in your standard credit report and incorporated into certain credit scores.  At RentReporters, we report your payments to TransUnion so that you can establish and improve your credit history.

Rent is probably one of your biggest monthly expenses. So, why not nurture your credit score with continuous reporting to the credit bureaus? Solutions like RentReporters can help you build and improve your score by reporting your payments to TransUnion.

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