Get Ready for a Jump in Your Credit Score!

Good news – if you didn’t already know, your credit score could improve by 30 points, thanks to new scoring rules! The three major credit reporting bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, will now exclude all tax liens from credit reports. For most people, that means a credit score increase, and for some, as high as—Read More

Holiday Hangover: Credit Card Rates Are About to Rise

The holidays often prompt consumers to rack up charges on their credit cards, leading to a January debt hangover. While that can be troublesome enough, carrying that debt is about to grow costlier. The Federal Reserve’s December decision to boost interest rates by one-quarter of a percentage point will translate into higher credit card interest—Read More

Credit Invisible or Credit Unscorable – Which Are You?

Did you graduate from school and are you on your own for the first time? Are you in the military and did you just return from overseas deployment? Are you a recent immigrant to the United States? Did you and your spouse get divorced? If so, then like millions of Americans, you are probably classified—Read More

3 Things That Can Affect Your Credit Score

Keeping tabs on your credit score can be difficult — especially if you don’t know what’s hurting it. The truth is that even seemingly small things can have a profound effect on your score. Whether you want to increase your credit score, fix mistakes on your report, or repair credit issues of the past, here—Read More

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