Welcome to RentReporters: Providing Renters with a Path to the Financial Opportunities They Deserve

Welcome to RentReporters. As a renter, today is the day you can start changing the course of your financial future – by taking charge of your credit score.

Credit is important. It follows you for your whole life and you can’t start over. It’s what enables you to get a cell phone, utilities, insurance, a car loan, and even a home mortgage. Yet, many individuals don’t know how their everyday financial behaviors and payments can influence this critical aspect of your financial life.

In particular, what many renters don’t realize is that while monthly rent payments are highly correlated with the ability to repay debt in a timely manner, these payments have not historically been accepted as data sources for calculating credit scores. For most renters, this means that the single largest recurring expense that they pay diligently each month – has ZERO impact on their credit score.

That doesn’t seem right. After all, isn’t a credit score supposed to accurately reflect the way you pay your debts and obligations?

This lack of reporting is an issue for the 100 million renters in the US, whether they have no or low credit scores, or already have good or excellent credit. It has a particularly adverse effect on those with no or low scores – those who are treated as virtually “credit invisible” by many of the mainstream institutions that grant credit. Being credit invisible should not necessarily mean that you are not worthy of receiving credit. It just means that you have not participated in the kinds of financial activities that have allowed a score to be calculated. And this can happen to anyone – newly graduated students, military personnel returning from overseas, and people on their own for the first time who have not previously established records of credit.

RentReporters was born out of the belief that it’s time to change the system to reflect the realities of modern economic life for all renters. We help renters proactively impact their credit scores simply by having the last two years of rent history or their monthly rent payments automatically reported to major credit bureaus.

The process is simple. You pay your rent. It gets reported to the credit bureaus just like any other debt repayment. And your score will likely improve.

At RentReporters, we believe that changing your credit score is not just about changing a number. It is about creating a path from a world that was once life limiting to one that can be life changing. We are committed to helping you, our client, achieve that goal. We do this by providing a clear and sustainable way for you to establish and build credit through your largest monthly payment – rent.

As our client, our promise to you is:

  • Quality in everything we do, every day
  • Service that matters
  • Commitment to values of integrity and transparency

I invite you to learn more about RentReporters so that you can start changing your credit score and change your life. We can do this – together.

– John Simpson, CEO

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