What if You Could…Build a Credit Score?

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March 23, 2017
3 mins read

Are you a graduate and on your own for the first time? 

Are you an immigrant to the United States?

Are you recently divorced?

If so, then like millions of Americans, you are probably classified as either credit invisible or credit unscorable. Either way, the end result is the same – you can’t get access to credit. But, what if you could start building your credit score to get what you need in life, like our customers Gloria and Epic?

Before Gloria immigrated to the United States, she knew little about credit, and with a low credit score, she felt limited. For example, her applications for unsecured credits were repeatedly denied, so she made cash only purchases. She also knew that she would not be approved for a loan to buy a home or car.

Gloria wanted to give up on her credit score, but then she heard about RentReporters. With her rent payments being reported to TransUnion, her credit score went up, and “what if you could” became a reality. She was approved for a credit card, so she no longer has to make cash-only purchases and can help her children who are in college!

Like Gloria, Epic wanted to build her credit score to get what she needed in life. She didn’t have a history of using credit, and without a credit score, life became increasingly difficult. She wasn’t able to get approved for unsecured credit cards, and she knew that she wouldn’t get a good deal on an auto loan.

Epic signed up for RentReporters, and in about three weeks, her score went up. Today, “what if you could” is a reality for Epic, who recently received approval for an unsecured credit card. With her new credit score, she can now get what she needs in life.

If you’re a renter, most likely, rent is your largest monthly expense. Why not get credit for it and improve your score? Solutions like RentReporters can help you make “what if you could” a reality by reporting your monthly rent payments to TransUnion.

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