3 Reasons Why You Should Nurture Your Credit Score

Your credit score – it’s a number that you may have taken for granted…that is until it was time to achieve some of your life goals, like applying for a home mortgage, auto loan and credit cards. The fact is that your credit score is important, and it follows you your whole life.

Your credit score matters, and here are three reasons why you should nurture your score:

1 – You can get the best deals

Looking for a new cell phone plan? Applying for credit cards? Shopping around for a loan? If you want to get the best deals, like low interest rates, then you need to have a good score.

2 – You have the power to negotiate

With a good score, lenders will want to work with you. That means you have negotiating power and can shop around to get the terms you need.

3 – You don’t have to pay a deposit for utilities

If you have a good score, then most utility companies will waive the deposit so that you can have service in your name. And as you continue to pay your utility bills on time every month, you are building and improving your credit score.

If you’re renting, did you know that you can nurture your credit score by having your on time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus? Solutions like RentReporters can help you build and improve your score by reporting your payments to TransUnion.

And if you’re a landlord, RentReporters can help you, too, make what if you could a reality, like finding and keeping the best tenants. With our new partnership with TransUnion SmartMove, you can easily access comprehensive information on your applicants’ backgrounds to help you make that critical decision about who to rent to and who to decline.

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