Faces of RentReporters: William West-Cleveland

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May 18, 2017
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William West-Cleveland, Veteran

Why I Joined RentReporters:

I’m a disabled veteran. As the doctor bills piled up and I had difficulty keeping up with those payments, my credit score took a hit. And with my low credit score, I was denied credit cards. Also, I wanted to buy a home, but I knew that I wouldn’t be approved for the best deal with my low credit score.

I joined Credit Warriors to learn what I could do on my own to improve my score. Before, I didn’t know much about credit and the importance of your score. I just knew that you needed a certain score to get certain things, and sometimes, you had to have a co-signer to be approved. So, I paid close attention to what the group discussed, and through Credit Warriors, I learned about RentReporters.

I signed up for RentReporters in March, and today, my credit score has improved by 87 points!

After Joining RentReporters:

With my improved credit score, I plan on buying a house by the end of the year, and to keep building on my improved credit score, I pay all my bills – including medical bills – on time. I also know that just because I’ve been pre-approved for something like a credit card, I don’t necessarily need it.

My Experience with RentReporters:

The RentReporters team was very helpful and responsive – they even answered my call by the third ring! RentReporters helped me and my experience with RentReporters was so positive, so I now refer them to friends and family members who are also looking to improve their credit score.

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