Women and Credit: What You Need to Know About Building Individual Credit

Married or single, women need to build their own individual credit, and once you establish your own credit, you need to continue to improve your score. Why? Because having credit in your own name provides you the ability to gain access to financial products and get the best deals. Also, potential employers and landlords may look at your credit.

Here are a few simple steps to start the credit-building process:

  • Request copies of your credit report from each of the major credit bureaus, and review them for accuracy and dispute any errors.
  • If you are married and changed your last name, report this change to your creditors.
  • Open a credit card in your name.
  • Whether you have joint or an individual account, make sure all payments are made on time.

If you’re renting, solutions like RentReporters can help build and improve your credit score by reporting your on time rent payments to TransUnion.

For more information on RentReporters, visit here. 

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