Faces of RentReporters: Rebecca Miller

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August 1, 2018
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Rebecca Miller, Contracts Administrator 


Why I Joined RentReporters:

Because my bank lost our mortgage note, like many others, I had to fight to keep my home in the midst of foreclosures. The process was long and tedious, with my spouse and I going to bankruptcy court for them to consider our case. Eventually, we were able to secure a refinance and get a new loan, but the cost was great – we spent tens of thousands of dollars and our credit took a really big hit.

Six-plus years later, I had worked hard to establish new lines of credit to rebuild our credit score, but not having enough credit history continued to negatively impact my score. I was desperate to find a solution for us to restore our credit.

We wanted to build our own home and needed to boost our scores to qualify for a high risk construction loan. But my spouse’s score was about 20 points lower then the bottom allowable limit, and I was still working on building my score.

I heard about RentReporters and decided to sign up – the best decision ever, as both our scores soared about 70 points each, and today, our scores are now in the 800s!

After Joining RentReporters:

RentReporters was great – the team worked with our long-time landlord, and within a week, we were able to have 5 years of positive rent history added to our credit report as a revolving tradeline. It was a brilliant solution to a complex problem.

With our new and improved credit scores, we were able to get the loan approvals we needed so that we could start building our dream home.  But sometimes what you thought you wanted changes, and as it turns out, we decided to buy a foreclosed property instead. This way, we were able to save money, and now, we’re homeowners!

My Experience with RentReporters:

RentReporters was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. The team advocated for us, and we were able to show the credit world that we made positive progress in our credit worthiness. I am always recommending RentReporters to my friends, colleagues, and associates. They did what they said they would do – help us rebuild and improve our credit scores.

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