Renting an Apartment vs Renting a House: Which Is Best?

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Jessie Quinn

October 31, 2023
9 mins read

Pros and Cons of Renting an Apartment vs House

If you’re looking for a rental, which is best?  An apartment, or a house? Both have pros and cons, so it’s wise to consider which of your needs will take priority over others.

In this article, we help you work out which would be best for you based on a variety of factors. 

How Many Rooms Do You Need?

A major difference between an apartment and a house is the space you’ll have available. How many people will be moving into the rental property? If you have children, are you happy for them to share a bedroom?

You should also think about the kind of space you need. If you have multiple children, you may want a larger living area so there’s more space for quality family time. Or, if you frequently work from home, you may need an extra room to use as an office with a phone line for business.

Remember, more bedrooms won’t always mean more space, and houses and apartments will typically be built on a different scale. A house might have a separate kitchen and dining room, a utility, and maybe even a pantry. This is a lot more room than in an apartment or flat, which will probably have a kitchen/dining area combined.

What’s Your Budget?

Before you start looking at rental options, you need to know how much you can afford to spend each month. When calculating costs, don’t forget that bills will likely be affected by the size of the property. A house will typically have higher utility bills than an apartment; however, if an apartment doesn’t have room for a washing machine, you might have to pay to do your laundry outside of your home. 

If you want to save money on your monthly rent payments, you could look at unfurnished properties or rentals that need a bit of work. Some landlords will knock a percentage off their fee for the first couple of months if tenants agree to decorate or carry out simple maintenance work.

Once you know your budget, look at availability in your area. If you don’t mind being a little further away from your ideal location, you may be able to afford a bigger house. Conversely, if you have your heart set on a specific city, you might be happy to downsize to an apartment just to be able to live there.

Think of it as similar to setting up a website. For example, if you wanted to buy domain Canada, you’d research similar options to your preferred moniker to see if any of these suited you better or were any cheaper. Likewise, if you’re looking for your perfect rental property, part of your due diligence should involve researching nearby areas rather than just settling on your first choice.

Do You Want Outdoor Space?

With skyrocketing rental prices, it’s important to evaluate what is a want versus a need in your next rental. For instance, is a garden one of them? While they’re lovely on sunny summer days and can give your kids space to stretch their legs, they do limit your search to solely houses. 

If the lack of a garden is the only thing putting you off renting an apartment, perhaps look for one with a communal outdoor area instead. These are usually managed by the property owner, so you get the exterior space without the work involved in its upkeep. If you just want a few plants, lots of apartments have balconies big enough for a pot or two.


The Pros of Renting an Apartment

Let’s now consider the specific benefits that normally come with renting an apartment. 

Less Maintenance

Apartment blocks usually have a manager and a maintenance team. These companies often use cloud communications for small business, which makes them easy to contact. This means problems are fixed quickly and with less prompting.

Lower Overall Cost 

In general, houses tend to be more expensive than apartments. We’re not just talking about the rent either. Because they’re bigger, they cost more to heat, and there are also more rooms, meaning more expense is involved if you need to decorate or furnish them.

Fewer Chores 

With our busy modern working lives, houses can be hard to maintain for many of us. So, if you’re a person with a hectic schedule or you just don’t like cleaning, a smaller apartment might be easier to handle. If you’re not fussed about a garden, that’s one less thing to maintain too.

Location Flexibility 

If you have a specific area in mind but are on a tight budget, looking at apartments will give you more chance of finding a rental. There are fewer houses in more expensive locations like big cities, so looking at apartments as well expands your options. 

The Pros of Renting a House

For the sake of fairness, let’s now look at the upsides of renting a house over an apartment.

 Additional Space

Houses are typically bigger than apartments—it’s as simple as that. If you want more room, you’re probably going to find that a house is the better option for you. 

Better for Pets 

Practically speaking, a house is better for most kinds of pets. While you may be fine in a flat if you have a bird or a hamster, most apartment managers won’t welcome a large dog or a house cat. House-owning landlords are generally more accommodating.


With no shared gardens or amenities, a house is more private than an apartment. In a house, noisy (or nosy) neighbors are just that little bit further away. Plus, you’re likely to only share one wall with them. In a middle-floor apartment, you have neighbors above and below, as well as on both sides.

Private Parking

With a house, you’ll often have a garage, driveway, or at least a space on your street, whereas many rental apartments have notoriously bad parking, especially if you like having guests around. Some places will even make you pay an annual fee for a parking space.

Choosing The Right Rental Home For You 

In conclusion, choosing between a house and an apartment requires careful consideration of factors such as space, budget, and preferences. To make an informed decision about renting a house or an apartment, you may consider conducting Airbnb data analysis to gain insights into rental trends, pricing, and availability in your desired location. This analysis can provide valuable information to guide your rental property search and help you find the right home for your needs.

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