Helping Our Customers Change Their Scores to Change Their Lives

RentReporters is helping our customers – renters like you – get the credit score they deserve by reporting their on time rent payments to TransUnion.

By helping our customers change their score, they are able to change their lives, like our customer William West-Cleveland. William is a disabled veteran, and as his medical bills piled up, he wasn’t able to keep up with payments. As a result, his credit score took a hit. He joined Credit Warriors, where he learned about RentReporters and how reporting his rent payments could improve his credit score. So, he signed up and his score went up 87 points – and with his new and improved credit score, he plans on buying his dream home!

Our customer Catrice Deshae Moffett was in a pretty bad car accident. Her car was totaled, and she had to take medical leave from work. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to get a new car with her low credit score, so she started doing a lot of online research and learned about RentReporters. She signed up and in less than 30 days, her score improved by 110 points! As a result, Catrice was able to get a new car!

And our customer Artez Dixon – he had a low credit score and needed to do something to improve it.  For example, he bought a new car, but because of his low score, he was approved for a loan with a high interest rate. Before signing up for RentReporters, he didn’t know that his rent payments could help improve his score. He decided to join and in less than a month, his score went up by 32 points! With his new score, he was able to refinance his auto loan and get a better deal.

Credit follows you for your whole life – it’s what determines your financial worthiness to get what you need, like a cell phone plan, being approved for a credit card, and a loan to buy a home or car.

We’re helping our customers change their lives by getting the credit score they deserve. If you’re renting and paying your rent on time each month, let us help you improve your score and change your life. For more information, visit our Ambassador page.

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