How Rent Reporting Can Help You if You Want to… Buy Your Dream Home

Homeownership – it’s still part of the American dream. And most likely, to buy your dream home, you’ll need a home mortgage, and that means to be approved and get the best deal, at the very least, you will want a “good” credit score.

If you’re a renter, solutions like RentReporters can help you realize the American dream by helping you improve your credit profile. We do this by reporting your on time rent payments to TransUnion, and with this reporting, your score will most likely go up because of the following reasons:

  • We add a new trade line to your credit report with your on time rent payments
  • We add length of your rental payment history, which adds credit history to your credit report

With our reporting your payment history to TransUnion, your credit file is “thickened” with positive data and shows your ability to repay what is most likely one of your largest monthly obligations – rent.

What to know more? Read how we were able to help our customers Raul Hernandez and Vishal Patel realize part of the American dream and buy their dream homes.

Let us help you, too, realize your life goals. We can help you get there by reporting your on time rent payments to TransUnion

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