In Times Like These, a Good Credit Score is Essential

Credit Score

February 17, 2021
3 mins read

While the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic has taken a toll on people and families across the country, we are beginning to turn the corner. More and more people are getting vaccinated, businesses are re-opening, and the number of new cases continues to decline. We may find ourselves getting somewhat back to normal soon.

As we all move forward from the pandemic, preserving your credit score is essential to your ability to start fresh and regain control of your future. There are options to help you boost and maintain your credit score — one of the easiest ways to see a change quickly is by reporting your on-time rental payments. 

RentReporters helps you do just that. Many of our customers have seen their scores jump by 50 points or more in a couple weeks. The longer people use our service, the bigger the increases they see. With the light at the end of this long dark tunnel ahead, keeping your rental payment reporting going is a great way to stay in good standing when our economy gets going again.

There are ways to earn credits to help you pay for your RentReporters subscription, simply by referring friends and family. The more people you refer who sign up, the more you’ll earn. For each person you refer and signs up for RentReporters, you’ll receive a $25 credit on your account. With just 5 referrals, you can earn your entire annual subscription and then some.

To refer friends and earn credits, start by logging into your RentReporters dashboard. Click on “Refer a Friend and Save” and get your personal referral code. Then, just share your code with anyone you think can benefit from RentReporters, and make sure they use your code when they sign up. You’ll earn $25 in bill credits for each referral. 

There are other ways you can earn credits and cash rewards from RentReporters as well:

  1. Post a review of RentReporters on Google or Facebook. Earn two months of free service if you post reviews on both sites.
  1. Record a 30-second video testimonial about why you love RentReporters that we can post to our website and Instagram feed and receive $40.
  2. Submit a short write-up for our website that we can post on our Success Stories page and earn $50.

For any of the above options, fill out this short form to get started

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