Job Seekers and Credit: Debunking 3 Common Myths About Credit Report Checks by Prospective Employers

You may already know that some prospective employers might run a credit check, but do you know why and what they’re looking for?

Let’s debunk 3 common myths about credit report checks by prospective employers:

Myth 1: Employers are looking at your credit score.

Truth: They are actually looking at your credit history.

Myth 2: Employers and lenders review the same credit information

Truth: While lenders focus primarily on your credit score and history, employers are looking at a comprehensive background report that can include your credit history, past employment and legal activity.

Myth 3: Employers don’t care about bad credit

Truth: While one late payment won’t disqualify you from getting a job offer, employers do care about your credit history. They view your credit history as a reflection of your overall level of responsibility and trustworthiness.

So, if you’re looking for a new job, review your credit reports and pay your bills on time. If you’re renting, solutions like RentReporters can help by reporting your on time payments to TransUnion.

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