Collect Rent Online to Encourage On Time Payment

Many of us have been there before – we simply forgot to mail in a check, whether it’s for rent, credit card or utility payment. But if you’re a landlord or property manager, you need to have your tenants pay on time every month to properly manage your cash flow.

To encourage on time payments and help your tenants nurture their credit scores, why not start collecting online rent payments? Tenants can schedule recurring payments, and not having to collect and process checks means less work for you. And if you utilize an online service to collect rent, you should have access to digital documentation and the ability to view payments in real time.

And if you’re a landlord, RentReporters can help you find and keep the best tenants. With our partnership with TransUnion SmartMove, you can easily access comprehensive information on your applicants’ backgrounds to help you make that critical decision about who to rent to and who to decline.

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