What if You Could Find Out Key Market Trends NOW


March 1, 2018
2 mins read

The rental market is competitive and always changing. So, what if you could find out key market trends NOW to get the best tenant?

Rental statistics you need to know include:

  • According to the Rental Protection Agency, there are over 110,000,000 renters in the U.S., and each day, there are more than 2,600 new renters.
  • In its 2017 America’s Rental Housing report, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University found that nearly 21 million households pay over 30% of their income for rent.
  • According to American Apartment Owners Association, the demographics of renters are changing in ways that will benefit landlords. Today’s renters are Millennials both younger and older, with the older segment saving for a down payment, and Baby Boomers looking to downsize.

Also, as a landlord, you should know that only by doing a comprehensive screening of potential tenants can you gain a good sense of who they are, their ability to pay, and any risks to you as a landlord.

RentReporters can help you make what if you could a reality, like finding the best tenants. With our new partnership with TransUnion SmartMove, you can easily access comprehensive information on your applicants’ backgrounds to help you make that critical decision about who to rent to and who to decline.

For more information on RentReporters, visit here.

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