Why Join RentReporters Ambassador Program

Until now, rent payments had NO impact on a person’s credit score. RentReporters was born out of the belief that it’s time to change the system to reflect the realities of modern economic life for the 100 million renters in the US. We help renters improve their credit scores simply by having the last two—Read More

Faces of RentReporters: Catrice Deshae Moffett

Patrice Deshae Moffatt, Mobile Therapist Why I Joined RentReporters: I was in a pretty bad car accident – my car was totaled and I had to take medical leave from work. I decided I needed to do something to improve my credit score because if I didn’t, I would not be able to get a new—Read More

#BOOSTCREDIT Talks: Managing Your Credit

Maintaining good credit habits doesn’t have to be a burden or take away from your everyday life. In this webinar we show you tools and methods to manage your personal finances and take control of your credit. Chat with us in real-time at our next Facebook Live session or use the the #boostcredit hashtag on—Read More

Faces of RentReporters: William West-Cleveland

William West-Cleveland, Veteran Why I Joined RentReporters: I’m a disabled veteran. As the doctor bills piled up and I had difficulty keeping up with those payments, my credit score took a hit. And with my low credit score, I was denied credit cards. Also, I wanted to buy a home, but I knew that I wouldn’t—Read More